DREAM AWAY Passages Made

Key West, Florida, USA To Fronteras, Izabal, Guatemala December 2014 (Updated 08-Jan-15)

Delcambre, Louisiana, USA To Clearwater, Florida, USA September 2014 (Updated 12-Oct-14)

Georgetown, South Carolina, USA To Delcambre, Louisiana, USA April 2012 (Updated 15-Dec-12)

Jacksonville, Florida, USA To Georgetown, South Carolina, USA June 2011 (Updated 26-Jun-11)

Miami, Florida, USA, To Jacksonville, Florida, USA May 2011 (Updated 22-May-11)

Key West, Florida, USA, To Miami, Florida, USA April 2011 (Updated 26-Jun-11)

Isla Mujeres, Mexico, To Key West, Florida, USA, April 2011 (Updated 20-Apr-11)

Roatan, Honduras, To Isla Mujeres, Mexico, March 2011 (To Be Supplied)

Rio Dulce, Guatemala, To Roatan, Honduras, February 2011 (To Be Supplied)

Roatan, Honduras, To Rio Dulce, Guatemala, June 2010 (To Be Supplied)

Rio Dulce, Guatemala, To Roatan, Honduras, March 2010 (Updated 13-Mar-10)

Placencia, Belize, to Fronteras, Guatemala, December 2009 (Updated 07-Jan-10)

Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to Placencia, Belize, December 2009 (Updated 07-Jan-10)

Houston, Texas, to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, November 2009 (Updated 07-Jan-10)

Livingston, Guatemala, to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to Houston, Texas, May-June 2006 (Updated 30-Nov-07)

Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to Livingston, Guatemala, December 2005 (Updated 30-Dec-05)

Marathon, Florida, to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, November 2005 (Updated 27-Nov-05)

Bradenton, Florida, to Marathon, Florida, January 2005 (Updated 27-Nov-05)

Houston/Galveston, Texas, to Tampa, Florida, December 2004 (Updated 20-Sep-07)

Houston, Texas, to Gulf of Mexico to Houston, Texas, November 2004 (Updated 20-Sep-07)

Regatta de Amigos Race to Vera Cruz, Mexico, June 2004 (Updated 30-Dec-05)