Regatta de Amigos (Veracruz, Mexico) June 2005

The details of this race and trip back to Houston are covered in the Updates and Logs Page. This first group of pictures shows the final preparation before we leave Watergate marina on our way to Galveston. We spent that night in the Harbor House Marina in Galveston.

Harry, Shirley and Jim Preparing for Departure

Hary and Jim Helping With Departure

Robert Working on a Line

Alan taking a break

Getting Orders From the Admiral

Captain to Receive Reward

Shirley and Kitty Having a Break

Harry and Jim Contemplating Shoes

Harry and Jim in Discussion

Alan, Kitty and Shirley in Cockpit

Alan and Jim on Foredeck

Jim Alan and Kitty New Forward Deckbox

This next group of pictures is of the crew for the Veracruz race and some pictures of the Captain (Jim) and the Admiral (Kitty) officially cutting the dock lines. I had some old halyards that I was going to put into the dumpster, so I ran them as dock lines off of the bow. Then Kitty and the Captain took a knife (Leatherman) and cut the lines so that we could be officially away. Then we have a couple of pictures of Dream Away heading to the official pump out slip, on our way to Galveston.

Jim, Kitty, Steve and Alan, The Crew

The Crew With all Looking At the Camera

Ready to Officially Cut The Lines

Cutting Port Dock Line

The Line Is Officially Cut

Leaving Dream Away Park For the Last Time

Heading Towards the Pumpout slip

Robert Helping With Entry

The Perfect Entrance

Thes next pictures are during the start of the race and the race itself. Then there is a few pictures of Dream Away being towed into the dock at Port Isabel.

Steve Driving, Alan Standing By During Race Start

Captain At The Ready

Steve and Alan

Admiral At The Ready

Other Boats At The Start

The Race Start

Race Start_Flagship Hotel

Dream Away Heading To The Start

Dream Away After Race Start

Dream Away Being Towed into Port Isabel

Dream Away Being Towed into Port Isabel #2

Dream Away Being Towed into Port Isabel #3

This next group of pictures cover the month we spent in Port Isabel at the South Point Marina. Our first week there the ownership changed, so things were a bit confusing. There are also lot of pictures covering our trip up the GIWW to Houston. Please note that the fishing "shacks" on the side of the GIWW are really pretty impressive. As usual for me there is probably more sunsets than necessary, but what can I do?

Dream Away Sunrise

Sunset Over Dream Away #1

Sunset Over Dream Away #1

Admiral's Greeting From Dream Away

Sunset Over Shrimp Boat Fleet

Shrimp Boat Behind Dream Away

Boat Under Repair

Shrimp Boats Behind the Marina

Boats In Marina Shrimpers Behind

Parks And Wildlife Boat

Defunct Pumpout Station at Marina

Old Fuel Dock Office

Marina Activity Room

Catamaran Bandaloop from The Rio Dulce

Winter Texan Homes Across GIWW

Boat Traffic on GIWW in Front of Marina

Marina Haul-Out Area

Signs at South Point Marina

Signs, Signs Everywhere There Are Signs

South Point Storage Barn and Yard

Laguna Madre Yacht CLub

Kitty and South Point Manager

Jim and South Point Manager

Sales Office With New Name

Marina Office On Left

Marina Dock Looking North

Marina Activity Buildings with Head and Shower

Rose Of Sharon as We Leave South Point

Parks and Wildlife Boat as We Head North

South Point Marina As We Head North

Fuel Dock Just North of Marina

More Shrimp Boats tied Up

Swing Bridge Across GIWW

Mainland Side of Swing Bridge

High Dollar Houses on GIWW

A Really Large Home

Captain Driving East Bound on GIWW

Laguna Madre With South Padre Background

Queen Isabel Bridge Work - Port

Queen Isabel Bridge Work - Port

Queen Isabel Bridge Work - Starboard

Queen Isabel Bridge Work - Port

Queen Isabel Bridge Work - Port

Fishing in the GIWW

Marker on the GIWW

Dream Away Heading North

Looking South From Dream Away

Fishing Shacks on The GIWW

More Fishing Shacks on The GIWW

Beached Boat On the GIWW

Fishing Shack With Aggie Flag

In The Ditch And The Landscape

Captain & P-N-B Anchored at Spinnaker Cove

Captain Relaxing Anchored at Spinnaker Cove

Fat Ole' Captain

Captain Enjoying a Sundowner

GIWW Watch Bird

P-N-B Relaxing During the Trip

Large Tow On Mooring In GIWW

Large Tow On Mooring In GIWW

Oil Storage tanks On GIWW

Large Barge Crane Heading toward Us

The Name Says It All

Boom Of Crane On Barge

Two Tow Boats For This One

Barge Heading South

Tow Boat Moving A Tow

Spoonbills On Pelical Island

Coming Into Galveston Bay