Livingston, Guatemala, to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to Houston, Texas

It seems like an old excuse, but I did not take a lot of pictures on this trip, so there will not be many here. This trip was very well covered in two updates. The first Dream Away Update 05-23-2006 covers the trip from Fronteras, Guatemala, to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The second update, Dream Away Update 06-10-2006 covers the trip from Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to Galveston, Texas.

I did not mention this in either update, but while we were in Isla Mujeres, they had the Mexican Navy Day Celebration. Since Isla Mujeres has a fairly large Navy Base there was a lot of celebrations going on. Some of the pictures reflect the celebration.

Fishermen On El Golfete

House On The Rio Dulce

Party Boat At Isla Mujeres

Sunrise From Isla Mujeres Anchorage

Fishing Boats On Mooring ANd On The Beach

Isla Mujeres Anchorage

Sailboat And Research Vessel At Anchor

Mexican Navy Helicopter

Beach Scene From Anchorage

Navy Helicopter Fly Over

Steve Sailing Hard In The Gulf

Steve On Break

Big Wind Day

Sunset, Gulf of Mexico

Passing Ship In The Gulf

Allen On Watch

Steve, the Happy Guy

Sunrise On The Crossing

Sunrise On The Crossing

Sunrise On The Crossing

The Sun Did Rise

Puss-N-Boots Guarding The Cockpit

Dorado Lunch Is Coming On Board

Dorado On Board, Notice Fishing Rig

Sunset On the Crossing

Sunset On the Crossing

Sunset On the Crossing

Proof We Did Have Wind

Sunset over Galveston While Sailing

Sunset over Galveston While Sailing