DREAM AWAY Update 11-29-2011


I finished up all of the entries on the About DREAM AWAY page. This includes DECK & HULL, SAILS & RIGGING, MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT & ENGINE DETAILS, GROUND TACKLE, and TANKAGE & PLUMBING.

I added a little feature to some of the pages. I will eventually get them all, but it is a bit time consuming. When you bring up a web page in your browser, in the far left hand corner of the address bar a, code flag will appear. The code flag is the letter for the first letter in the named web page. I have tested it with Safari, Firefox and SeaMonkey on MAC OS X, and Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Internet Explorer on Windows XP. It seems to work. Have not tested it with the Chrome browser or Windows 7. If any one is using these browsers, let me know if it works.

I also added some pictures to the Cockpit Pictures that shows our upgraded cockpit enclosures.

I made some changes to the Construction & Projects page. I attempted to list all of the projects in alphabetical order. I was having a tough time finding a particular project, so this made it much easier. The main mast projects are now all under one page. Not all of the links have good data as yet. I am working on them now. There is data on the Compression Post Repair, but it has not been updated. That will be completed with the next update. The Main Mast Pictures 2008 is complete.

Hope you enjoy the latest additions. As usual, if you see any problems or issues, please let me know via email.



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