MASTS AND RIGGING The main and mizzen masts are aluminum extrusions, both stepped on the deck. Both masts have been rebuilt and painted Kelly Green, twice. The mizzen mast projects are covered on the mizzen mast upgrade page, which details the rebuilding, painting, and the dropping and raising the mizzen mast, and has photos thereof. The main mast projects are covered on the main mast upgrade page, which details the rebuilding, painting and the compression post repair and has photos thereof. When the main mast was put up, in July of 2001, some of the stainless steel wire rigging was replaced. All of the stainless steel wire rigging on the main mast is 3/8" 316 stainless steel 1 X 19. The back-stays were replaced, and Norseman rigging insulators were added to them. Norseman rigging terminals are used on all replaced rigging. The fore-stay, bob-stay, stay-sail stay, and the starboard upper were all replaced. When the new stay-sail-stay was installed, an ABI stay release lever was added to get the stay out of the way, when necessary. In July of 2003, the old Hood ProFurl roller furling system was replaced with the new Furlex 300S roller furling system. The remainder of the main mast's standing rigging, and all of the mizzen mast's standing rigging, were replaced in July of 2003. All of the mizzen mast's rigging is 1/4" 316 stainless steel 1 X 19 wire with Norseman terminals. In 2003, all of the chain plates were replaced, and moved from inside the boat to the outside. 

WINCHES There are a total of ten winches on the DREAM AWAY. There are two two-speed, self-tailing Lewmar #58 primary winches; two Hardin #28 two-speed secondary winches; a Hardin #10 mizzen sheet winch; a Hardin #10 winch on the main boom for reefing; a Hardin #16 stay-sail halyard winch; a Arco #40 mainsail halyard winch; a Hardin #16 jib-sail halyard winch; and, a Barient #27 two-speed spinnaker halyard winch.

SAILS There are a total of eight sails on DREAM AWAY. The main, mizzen, 110% genoa, and one of the stay-sails, were new in 1989, and are UK sails. There are a cruising spinnaker, and a 135% genoa, new in 2000, and built by Doyle sails. There is a second stay-sail, new in 1996, and a storm stay-sail, new in 1998.

AWNINGS In 2003, awnings were made for DREAM AWAY. These awnings are not sails, but since they are canvas items, I thought that I would include them here. There are three awnings. The aft awning covers from the stern to just aft of the mizzen mast. The second awning covers from just in front of the mizzen mast to just behind the main mast. The forward awning covers from just in front of the main mast to the bow. These awnings are constructed so that no additional hardware is necessary to put them up. When the awnings are taken down and folded, they go onto the top shelf of the store room, along with the spare sails.

ENCLOSURES In 2004, enclosures were made for the cockpit, and they were refitted in 2010. These enclosures are only for bad weather ... meaning cold, wet, or both. The panels were made to slide in tracks attached to the hard bimini frame. Two sunscreens panels were also made to slide in the tracks attached to the hard bimini frame. The sunscreens are just that. When we are at anchor or underway, we slide them around to keep the direct sun off of us while we are in the cockpit.