FORWARD ANCHORS At this time, ground tackle on DREAM AWAY consists of five anchors. The primary and secondary anchors are forward, on the custom bow rail. The primary anchor is a 66-pound Spade anchor with 400-feet of 3/8" high test chain, and the secondary anchor is a 65-pound CQR plow (Coastal Quick Release) with 300-feet of 5/16" high test chain. Both of these anchors are handled with a Lighthouse 1501 electric anchor windlass. This is an outstanding unit that can handle chain or rope, or both. This windlass has both forward and reverse, controlled by a set of contactors. These contactors switch the 12 VDC to the windlass motor, so the motor will run in both directions. There is a remote control wired into the contactor box. The remote control can be used either on the boat, or underwater. The remote control is stored in new forward dinghy box. Also stored in new forward dinghy box are two snubbers for each anchor on the bow rail. Each snubbers is a 1" X 30 foot three strand line, with a thimble and chain hook at the bitter end.

STERN ANCHOR The stern anchor is a 40-pound Dutton-Lainson Sentinel fluke-type anchor with 25-feet of 3/8" high test chain and 250-feet of 3/4" nylon rode. The chain and rode for the stern anchor is stored in the aft, aft deck box between the two propane tanks.

STORM ANCHOR A 100-pound Admiralty Pattern, fisherman kedge anchor, for hurricane or emergency use, is stored on the stern.  This anchor, when used, will be shackled to the forward main anchor rode. This should keep the main anchor set in even the worst conditions.

SPARE ANCHOR The forward aft deck box holds a 44-pound Bruce anchor with no rode attached. There is spare rode, in the new forward dinghy box, consisting of 50-feet of 3/8" BBB chain and 600-feet of 3/4" nylon rode.

PONY ANCHOR The "pony" anchor is a name I came up with for a 15-pound Bruce anchor on a 10' piece of chain that I now use when anchoring. I shackle this anchor to the main anchor rode to slow down movement of the main anchor. It is also used to help the main anchor re-set if it should drag. This anchor and chain is stored attached to a life rail stanchion at the bow of the boat.