DREAM AWAY Update 10-31-2012


As promised I finally got the water maker page updated. The original installation information is unchaged, except for the parts list. It has been updated. The second pass parts list reflect prices as of this month, on what I could find.

I felt good that my weather link page was used for research by a grade school in Lexington, Mass. They asked me, as a favor, if I would add a link to the page about weather for kids. I did, and it is a very good resource. It is called, Weather Central For Kids. I found the page very informative, as the information is presented so a person can actually understand it.

I also updated the Passages Planned page to reflect our true plans.

Right now my new job is iffy, because the boat on which I was working got laid off. Long story, issues not followed through on, but the bottom line is Election Day may be my last day with Y&S Marine. We shall see!

My plan is to get some information on the boats I have been working on, with some pictures, on the web page. Wonderful pictures of the cypress swamps, and many bald eagles.

The next major update will be the cap rail project on DREAM AWAY. All of the teak cap rail was removed, and repalced with fiberglass. A major effort, but no more leaks!!.

As always, if you see any issues or problems, with the pages or pictures in this update, please let me know.



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