Dream Away Update 07-26-2009


Another update that has been a long time in coming. Most of what has been going on can be seen in the Maintenance Log. There are even some pictures in the maintenance log, that will not be in the Construction and Projects Page for some time. In fact there are no changes to the Construction and Projects Page. As I have said before, I am taking bunches of pictures, so when I do get to making the updates there will be plenty to see.

As you may know I was trying to make a sometime in June departure date to go cruising, but I did not make it. I then set an August 1st departure date, but I am not going to make that date either. Right now we are leaving "When We Are Ready". Please see the Passages Planned page.

One of the biggest events that happed since the last update was Kitty lost her job, meaning she was laid off. The company that employed her lost their contract with HP, so no more job. She was looking pretty hard, but not much was coming up. In light of our plans, we just decided for her to start drawing her Social Security. So as of now we are both pensioners and on Medicare.

I will have to say the biggest event since the last update was the Anniversary/Birthday/Christening party. It was a great event, and you can read all about it, and see the pictures here. If you were lucky enough to make it to the party, you got to see all of the improvements to Dream Away. If you did not make it to the party you will have to wait for later updates. There are MANY pictures on the web page, but I have over 400 pictures on hand. If anyone would like a CD with all of the pictures, let me know, and I will send one to you.

We have a new feature on the web page, Where Is Dream Away. This will be very useful once we start cruising again, but I wanted to get it started with this update.

This next one is so overdue I am embarrassed about it. I finally got the pictures up from Judy's Three Day Walk. Please have a look. The walk occurred in October of 2008.

The last thing I want to get into this update covers the snow storm we had last year.

Getting Judy's Three day walk and the snow storm should get all of the items I had from last year into the web page. Now I hope to do better with the projects. I have several finished I need to get into the web page, so I am going to try and work on doing that.

As usual, if you see any issues or errors with the new update, please let me know.



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