DREAM AWAY Snow Storm At Watergate

What a crazy thing to happen in Clear Lake Shores, Texas, on DREAM AWAY. Yes we had a snow storm in November of 2008. It started in the early evening and continued for a few hours. I had not really realized it was snowing, until some of our neighbors started throwing snowballs and hitting DREAM AWAY. When I popped my head out the hatch, to find out what was going on, I saw the snow, and they wanted me to come and play in the snow! Very simple answer to that question, NO!

I did not go out to play, but I did get dressed enough to go outside and take some pictures. The next morning, it was still cold enough for the snow to stick to the ground. We did not have anything close to this the remainder of the year, as we really had a mild winter.

You can tell from the pictures what was going on. Do enjoy them. I really hope I NEVER see snow or ice on DREAM AWAY again.

Cockpit Looking Aft

Aft Deck Box And Hummer

Finger Pier Between Dream Away And Pipe Me Blah

Looking Forward, Snow Still Falling

Snow Falling

Finger Pier Forward

Looking Aft From Bow

Mid Cabin Hatch, Aft of Fwd Deck Box

Starboard Side Deck

Aft Deck Box

Hummer With Snow

Dinghy With Snow In It

Finger Pier

Finger Pier to Main Pier

Snow Remaining On Deck

Snow On Forward Deck Box

Pier And Grass In Front Of Dream Away

Pier In Front Of Dream Away

Pretty Day, But Snow On Ground

Snow on Grassy Area And Docks

Snow On Xanadu

Snow On Finger Pier Next To Xanadu

Snow on Xanadu Cabin

Snow On Topaz