DREAM AWAY Update 03-18-2012


I have been pretty busy since returning from my last hitch of work on the JAMES ROBERT. Kitty and I have been getting DREAM AWAY prepared for the passage from Georgetown, SC, to Morgan City, LA. You will be able to keep up with us during the passage if you look at the Where Is Captain Jim page. The passage is planned to start on April 7th!

I did get some additions to the web page done on my last hitch. All of the work done on the binnacle, is covered in the Binnacle Upgrade section of the Construction & Projects page.

I also added a new section in the Construction & Projects page, that covers all of my anchors, and upgrades to the anchor windlass.

I am hoping to get the Water Maker section of the Construction & Projects page updated next. The overall system is the same, but because I had to install a new high pressure pump, that was larger than the previous pump, that necessitated changes in the layout of the system. Since I was making some changes to the system, I made several more changes that made the system easier to maintain.

Hope all is well, and the weather is improving where you are. Next update will hopefully be from Louisiana!



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