DREAM AWAY Update 12-22-2011


Hope this holiday season finds everyone well and happy, and preparing for a joyous Christmas. As you will see I have been busy working on the web page, upgrading some pages and adding a new page.

The new page is the one concerning all of the Tools that were purchased for the major projects I completed in 2009. This page was added to the Construction And Projects page.

I have finished the Main Mast Upgrade page in the Construction And Projects page. The Main Mast Rebuild 2009 page is complete as well as Compression Post Repair 2009. Lots of fun with these two, and plenty of good information.

The biggest news is in the Passages Planned page. Yes, we are moving DREAM AWAY! Many reasons why, Kitty and I would like to spend more time together. Being 45 minutes away when I am working is much better than 10 hours. Another reason is costs. Commute costs for me are running $600.00 for each hitch. That would be better in the cruising kitty.

I am presently working on the Hummer Grill & Dinghy Davit Installation page. I hope to have it completed just after the first of the year.



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