DREAM AWAY Update 11-04-2014


This is just a short update to let you know about a slight change in plans. We had planned to leave Clearwater today, but that has been delayed. Yesterday I tested the water maker to be sure it was functioning properly, but it did not. It seems the high pressure pump is starving for water.

Since our plan, once we left the Clearwater Municipal Marina, was to be at anchor or on a mooring, having the water maker functioning is a big deal. Because of the problem we decided to stay here another week so I could get the problem solved.

Once we do leave Clearwater, our plan will pretty much be the same as it was. That plan is outlined in the Passages Planned section of the web page.

I will be working on the October Maintenance/Cruising log this week, so I hope to get it out soon. I would not want you to miss out on all of the adventures we have had with the refrigeration system. The refrigeration system is working just fine, but it was an adventure getting it back working again.

Just as a note, we have talked to several folks who get our regular update, and they said they did not see the video put together by our crewman Jeff. I called it Jeff's Excellent Adventure, and it is great! Please click on the link to view the video.



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