Dream Away Update 08-27-2011


Just a quick update to let everyone know that hurricane Irene is now officially north east of us. Irene was not a big problem for us here in Georgetown, South Carolina. We have had tropical storm force winds, and lots of rain. The highest wind I actually saw on DREAM AWAY was 32 knots. I am sure there were higher gusts, but I was not looking at the wind instrument at the time! I can actually see rays of sunshine outside now. I expect we will get a bit more rain, but that is about it for us with Irene.

Certainly a week and a half ago I was getting worried. I have a bad feeling about "I" storms after our experiences with hurricane Ike in 2008. Initially we were looking into hauling DREAM AWAY out of the water and evacuating Georgetown. By the time I got home from my two weeks work on Thursday night, I had decided that it was not worth taking the sails down! In fact all I did for preparation was run a couple of extra lines and tighten up all of the lines holding DREAM AWAY to our floating dock. I also removed any loose gear on deck or in the tender hanging in the davits.

So all is well on DREAM AWAY, and all is well with the Captain and First Mate! I have been working on a the web page during the last two weeks, so I hope to have a large update out by early this coming week.



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