Pictures From Hurricane Ike

These pictures are my pictures that I took before and after hurricane Ike. They show pictures before the storm when we were in Spring, Texas. This is where the famous "Ike Eleven" was formed. The next group of pictures are immediately after the storm in Spring, Texas. Then there are pictures of Dream Away at Watergate two days after the storm. The remainder of the pictures are of the damage to buildings and boats around Watergate. I refer to building number and docks at Watergate. If you are interested in the relative locations of the docks and buildings, go to Watergate Yachting Center and look at the Marina map referenced there. Also I refer to Building 47 as the Peak Building. When we rented building 47, it was our office and training center. The name of our company is PEAK, Inc, so we called it the Peak Building. We gave up rental of that building when we went cruising.

Suburban Before Ike

Supplies For The Storm

Large Branches Blown Down By Ike

Generators Running In The Garage

Suburban Under Fallen Tree

Suburban Under Fallen Tree

There Really Is A Suburban There!

Rain During Ike

Piling Up Against Dream Away

Xanadu Beside Dream Away Missing Finger Pier

Finger Pier Dream Away And Pipe Muh Bligh

Damage On Pipe Muh Bligh

My Hard Dinghy Thrown Up On The Dinghy Davits

Piling On Port Side Of Dream Away

Piling On Port Side Of Dream Away

Boats Around Watergate Office

More Boats And Damaged Piers Around Watergate Office

Boat Up On Pier 5

Boat Hung On Piling, End Of Pier 5

Phantom And Debris From Docks

True Heaven Using Phantom As A Bumper

Cabo Rico 37 On Pier 4

Cabo Rico With Lots Of Pier Damage

Xanadu With Damaged Finger Pier

Boat Up On Where Dock Was, Pier 18

Boats On Pier 18, Covered Pier 19 Background

Boat On Dock Under Covered Pier 19

Other Boats Around Shintullah, Pier 18

Barbara Ann Sunk At Pier 18

Damaged House Boat Pier 18

Sunken Boat Under Covered Pier 19

Boats From South Texas Yacht Service

Boat On Ground From STYS

Boat In Parking Lot Near Pier 22

Boat At Anchor Between Pier 16 And 17

Boats Damaged Pier 15

Boat Resting On Dock Pier 14

Damage To Pier 13

Damage To Pier 12

Damaged Boats On Clear Lake Shores

Damaged Boats Pier 11

Whats Left Of Pier 11

Damage To Building 56

Boats Between Bldg 56 And Restaurant

Boat In Front Of Restaurant

Looking From Office To Building 56

Solstice Mar Between Office And Restaurant

Boat Between Office And Restaurant

Boats In Front Of Watergate Office

Watergate Office, Building 80

Watergate Office, Building 80

Pier 25, And What Remains Of Sailing Club

Boats Between Watergate Office And Bldg 47

Boat Next To Building 47

Boats On West Side Of Watergate Office

Rear Of Peak Building

Boats In Street In Front Of Peak Bldg

Boats Between Watergate Office And Peak Bldg

Front Of Peak Bldg

Front Of Peak Bldg

Boats In Front Of Peak Bldg

West Side Of Peak Bldg

Boat Between Bldg 50 And Bldg 52

Boat Near Bldg 42

Boat Near Bldg 42

Hole Worn In Side Of Goldeneye II

Dream Away From Bldg 42

Close Up Of Dream Away

First Floor Bldg 42

Boats In Front Of Peak Bldg

Boats Near STYS

Flag At Bldg 74, Pier 4/18 Bath House

Flag At Bldg 74, Pier 4/18 Bath House

Boats Near Pier 10

Boats Near Pier 11

Boats Pier 10

Damage To Boat Beside Bldg 56