DREAM AWAY Update 07-31-2011


Not much to report in this update. DREAM AWAY is still in Georgetown, South Carolina. Captain and first mate have been moving around quite a bit. Kitty went to Atlanta for a week over the 4th of July to visit with our children, Stacy and Judy. Kitty then flew to Tampa to help our good friend Marilyn for a week. Kitty came back to Georgetown, then we both drove down to Tampa, with Puss-N-Boots to help Marilyn and her sister for two and a half weeks. We are also visiting family while we are in Tampa.

When we leave Tampa, we may drive to Atlanta to visit the kids, if we can find a place for Puss-N-Boots. If we cannot find good accomodation for Puss-N-Boots, we will drive back to Georgetown. Kitty and Puss-N-Boots will stay on DREAM AWAY, and I will drive to Atlanta to visit the kids. So far I have not seen Judy since we have been back in the states.

The real reason for this update is to let you know I have been working on the web page, and wanted to let you know of the changes. I have updated four sections of About DREAM AWAY

Accomodation And Layout


Electronics And Navigation


I also added to and changed the layout of the Interior Pictures

I finally went through the Links section, and they are all current and accurate. Check them out at Links to Other Sites

Hope to have more done in the next couple of weeks. Will let you know with another update.



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