Aft of the main salon, on the port side, is the galley. On the starboard side of the galley, facing forward, there are four doors each of which provide access to the engine room. Above this engine room access are two drawers and two fold down doors to storage compartments.

REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER Although the refrigerator/freezer is actually not physically in the galley, we describe it in this section as it is generally considered to be part of the galley. As mentioned before, the refrigerator/freezer is on the port side of the main salon, just forward of the galley. It is a holding plate unit, and has dual refrigerant circuits. One circuit is a 12 VDC system, and the second is available for a 110 VAC system. The refrigerator has 8 cubic feet of storage and the freezer has 10 cubic feet of storage. The freezer is capable of keeping ice cream cold and hard!

ICE MAKER Also not physically in the galley, but rather built into the main salon starboard side forward bulkhead, is the access door for the ice-maker. This is a unit that can provide 23 pounds of ice per day. The unit is a water cooled unit made by Sea Freeze. It is a 12 VDC and 110 VAC unit. The electronics, compressor, and condenser for the ice-maker are under the ice-maker box in the Main Salon. The switch controls for the ice-maker were moved from the ice-maker compressor area to the electrical panel in July 2009.

SPICE RACK - CUP STORAGE Back into the galley on the port side just below the deck above, is a spice rack that runs almost the total length of the galley. At the after end of the galley is a built-in, glass fronted cup/glass storage area.

MICROWAVE - STORAGE Just below and forward of this cup/glass storage area is the galley work area, that has been divided into two sections, one of which is tiled with green double-dolphin tiles for accommodating hot pans. Under the galley work area is a Sharp R-930-AW combination microwave and convection oven. This unit was replaced with a new one in June of 2007. Under the microwave is a pot and pan storage area. Outboard of the galley work area, is another storage area for cooking oils and additional spices.

GAS STOVE - SINKS Moving forward, between this work area and the sink, about in the middle of the galley area, is a new Seaward Princess stainless steel 3-burner propane stove with an oven and broiler. This unit is gimbaled for easy use in a sea way. The cutout for the stove has been lined and sealed with Structoglas, a fiberglass sheeting. Forward of this stove, in the galley, is the stainless steel double sink, which is 10" deep. There is pressure hot and cold fresh water from a single faucet. Also available are foot pumps for both fresh water and for sea water. There is storage both over and under the sink.

OVERHEAD HATCHES One unique item about the Hardin are the hatches in the cockpit. There are two large hatches on each side of the cockpit. One opens to the galley and the other open to the garage. In the case of the galley, this hatch allows a lot of light in, and when cooking, a lot of heat out of the galley.

PEPPER SPRAY In June of 2004, we added a crowd control pepper spray dispenser to the galley with easy access to it from the cockpit. If unwanted people try to get on the boat, this should help discourage them.

SMOKE ALARM In August of 2009 a smoke detector was added to the Galley overhead. This was added on the advice of our last survey, and also a great safety precaution.