Dream Away Update 01-09-2011


This update is actually an addendum to the update of 1-6-11. It was pointed out to me from a couple of friends who are living in the Bay Islands of Honduras that we would not be stopping by on our trip north.

Our plan has always been to stop in the Bay Islands of Honduras on our way north. I have corrected the Passages Planned link on our web page to reflect this. Our plan, weather permitting is to cross the Livingston bar on 2-8-11, and arrive in the Bay Islands of Honduras on 2-9-11 or 2-10-11.

Also the Rio Dulce Cechisme Vindictor finally got the story out about the Casa Guatemala Christmas. Please check it out.

I really do appreciate all of your email responses, and I will be reading and responding to a bunch of them tonight and tomorrow night. I am falling way behind.



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