Bay Islands, Honduras, 2010

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

I am in love with Roatan even though it is completely different from the Rio Dulce, being a dry, tropical island rather than a jungle-strewn river. We talked about our rough passage (my words, the Captain thought the wind was great!) from the Rio to Roatan in a passage update, so I won’t belabor the point here. Suffice to say that arrival in French Cay Harbour was a joy, even though it was a cool, wet day, and our buddy boat, TANTALUS, had to be towed in by dinghies. That exciting and heartwarming story can be viewed online on the Rio Dulce Chisme, in its archives.

Roatan is located between the islands of Útila and Guanaja, and is the largest of Honduras' Bay Islands. It is approximately 37 miles long, and less than 5 miles wide at its’ widest point. All told, it is about 50 square miles of landmass. And, in this compact space, there exists a wealth of intriguingly diverse communities. Each one had something remarkable to recommend it, and made it a place we wanted to visit again. And that is why we are recounting our Roatan adventures in retrospect. We took some notes while we were there, but were having such fun that we never really took the time to sit down and write up our daily outings. And this is probably a good thing, as there might then have been a lot of repetition. So, rather than provide a typical journal, I will provide a list of the places we visited, and tell you about them, and our new friends there.

I have included a map of Roatan that can be used as a reference to follow our cruising areas. The map covers French Harbour on the left end of the map, and Old Port Royal at the right end of the map. I have some more detailed maps of the specific harbors in which we anchored.

Our cruising schedule to and from Roatan was as follows:

March 3 – March 14 French Cay Harbor

March 14 – March 19 Port Royal

March 19 – March 21 Grahams Cay (Josh Cay)

March 21 – March 22 Port Royal

March 22 – March 26 French Cay Harbor

March 26 – April 1 Jonesville Bight

April 1 – April 2 Port Royal

April 2 – April 5 Lime Cay Bight (Port Royal)

April 5 – April 9 Oak Ridge Harbor (Oak Ridge Marina)

April 9 – April 11 French Cay Harbor

April 12 – April 20 West End

April 20 – April 24 Utila

April 24 – April 26 Laguna El Diamante

April 26 – April 27 Utila

April 27 – May 11 French Cay Harbor

May 11 – May 16 Port Royal (Lime Cay Bight)

May 16 – May 19 Oak Ridge Marina

May 19 – May 26 Jonesville Bight

May 26 – June 4 French Cay Harbor

June 4 – June 13 Second Bight (Parrot Tree Marina)

June 13 – June 20 Jonesville Bight

June 20 – June 22 French Cay Harbor

June 22 – June 23 West End

June 23 – June 24 Utila

June 24 – June 28 Laguna El Diamante

June 28 – June 29 Puerto Cortez & Omoa

June 29 – June 30 Cabo Tres Puntas, Guatemala

June 30 – July 1 Gringo Bay, Guatemala

French Cay - 2010

Coxen Hole - 2010

Jonesville - 2010

Oak Ridge - 2010

Port Royal - 2010

Guanaja - 2010

Second Bight - 2010

Utila - 2010

West End - 2010

Laguna El Diamante - 2010

Omoa - 2010

Anchor Drag - 2010