Our Visit of Isla Mujeres and Cancun

As seems to be the case, when ever we go out, I always forget to take my camera. The pictures here are not all that exciting, but it will have to do. I promise that the next time that we visit Isla Mujeres, I will be a better camera person. I do, however, promise not to take any less sunset or sunrise pictures.

The Celebration of the Virgin is a week long celebration in Isla Mujeres. I do not know all of the details, and if I say more than I actually know, I would be lying to you! They have parties and celebrations all over the island during the week. On the last day, they load up the statue of the Virgin on the large Ferry boat and then parade through the harbor. They start in the south end of the harbor and head for El Centro. Once there the statue is off loaded and then is paraded through the streets. I am not sure where they end up, but the boat parade went right by us in Marina Paraiso. So please enjoy what is here.

Another Sunset Across the Harbor

Full Moon Coming Up

Dock Damage At Marina Paraiso

The Admiral On Break

Crew Repairing Dock At Marina Paraiso

Last Boat On Bottom from Wilma

Crew Preparing To Raise Boat

Port Side Of Dream Away In Slip

Starboard Side Of Dream Away In Slip

Another Isla Mujeres Sunset

As Promised, Another Sunset

Another Shot Of the Sunset

Our Guard Pelican

Fish Cooperative Next To Marina Paraiso

Sunrise Over Marina Paraiso

Admiral At Work In The galley

Interesting Cloud Formation

Admiral After The Cold Front Came Through

P-N-B Getting Ready for Sundowners

Sunset Starting

More Of The Sunset

More Of The Sunset

More Of The Sunset

More Of The Sunset

Gotcha' A Sunrise

Shredded Headsail From Wilma

Start Of The Virgin Celebration

Virgin Celebration

Virgin Celebration

Statue Of The Virgin On Ferry

Closer Shot of The Virgin

Boats Following The Ferry

Ferry Going By

Boats Following The Ferry

Boats Heading For El Centro

The Boats Heading North

Frank From Another Yacht

Frank And Ted Watching The Procession

Wilma Damaged Tower In Cancun

Newly Painted Building In Isla Mujeres