Rat Catcher

My name is Puss-N-Boots and I am the official DREAM AWAY boat cat. I have many jobs and responsibilities on DREAM AWAY. One responsibility is to guard the helm station for my captain. Check me out hard at work.

One of my other jobs is reflected in my email address ( rat-catcher@dreamaway.net If you would like to communicate with me, please send me email. I only check email once or twice a week. Chasing rats and power-napping seem to take a huge amount of time.

Sometimes my master and mistress take me to their office where I also have jobs that must be performed. Usually after a hard morning I have a power-nap.

One day while at the office, I was in the Shipping and Recieving department, I came across a mouse in one of the shipping boxes. Naturally, I sprang into action. As you can see from the following photo evidence I earned my keep once again!

I have FINALLY convinced my Master and Mistress to put in some really fine pictures of me power napping and other great feats of discovery. The downside is they insisted that I include a couple of not nice pictures of me. It seems that when we were living in our house on Esther street, my Master was working in the actic with the steps down. DUH!! I went on an un-authorized field trip, and was it really dirty up there. My Master and Mistress insisted that I have a bath, I told them I would have none of it, but as you can see from the pictures, I lost the argument. The bright side was that I was awarded an extra treat and a warm blanket in which to take a power nap. Please enjoy the pictures. (I love you, Mishca)

A Bath!! How embarassing

I can't believe a bath!!

This is really too much!!

Well! A treat to make it all worth while!

Already a blanket, must be a post bath nap

This is warm, after a bath, a nap is appropriate!

Anyone can see this is better than a bath!

Late evening power nap - AHHHH

Please turn down the TV during the evening nap

No one is Using the chair, I WILL!

So that's what pillows are for?

Which pillow should I choose?

Well, That mouse will not show itself anymore!!

The Master will not miss any of this Rum.

Who? Me? I don't even like Rum

It appears that this box arrived empty!

Yes, Mistress, the box arrived empty

Power Napping with the Mistress, how good can it get!

A break from the toil of Shipping/Receiving

Assuming the supervisory role

Supervising the Master's construction of the Nav Station

Napping on the cockpit deck isn't all bad

The aft cabin power nap

Did I tell you about my pet monkey?

Power nap on my blanke, next to the galley, no treats will escape me here

A Slide Show of wonderful photos of the Rat-Catcher.