DREAM AWAY Haulout November 2004

As with a couple of these projects, this was done a long time ago, but I am just getting it into the WEB page.

I decided to haul the boat out of the water to accomplish three things. One was to raise the water line above the water!! When we left Houston in June of 2004, we had so filled the boat with supplies, additional hardware and options that there was no visible waterline. I also wanted to service three seacocks on the port side in the galley. I also needed to put two more thru-hulls in the hull on the port side. These were for the water maker brine discharge and the ice maker cooling water discharge. These two would be put between the three thru-hulls that were already on the port side about six inches above the waterline. The three existing thru-hulls were for the forward air conditioner cooling water discharge, the refrigeration cooling water discharge, and the forward sump discharge. When the boat was out of the water I decided to put drip plates on the exterior of the thru-hulls, so the water discharge would not make the stains on the side of the hull. The drip plates turned out to be a great idea, except when sailing. Most of the time the lazy sheet on the head sail will get caught under the plates. Then it is necessary to get it out from under the drip plates.

The pictures show all the wonderful help we had getting the boat over to the haul out slip at South Texas Boat Yard in Watergate Yachting Center. The very competent crew at South Texas, Indio and Pedro, got the boat out and blocked without a problem. As you can see I actually got Ken working to help out on the projects. It was great fun working with Ken and Al, and we got the job done without a problem. One of the seacocks would not come back, so it was replaced. The remaining two were taken apart and serviced and put back in. The pictures also show some of the work in progress and the the boat going back into the water.

Watergate Marina as We Wait for Haulout Slip

Hilary Helping Move Dream Away

Harry Helping Move Dream Away

Al Helping Move Dream Away

Ken And Al Foolin Around

Ken Helping Move Dream Away

First mate Helping Move Dream Away

Captain Supervising Moving Dream Away

Al, Harry, Hilary Cold In The Cockpit

Dream Away In The Haulout Slip

Indio Getting Dream Away Lined Up

Indio and His Smile

Dream Away Just Out of The Water

Pedro Remotely Operating Travelift

Stern, Dream Away Out Of water

Dream Away Bow Just Out Of Water

Another Bow Shot

Dream Away Moving To Block Area

Notice the growth in a couple of the photos. I am sure that this is from our time in Port Isabel. When we were in Port Isabel, these type of mollusks were all over down there, and I had never seen them in the Clear Lake Shores area.

Prop And Rudder After Blocking

Adding Two Thru-hulls Here

Seacocks On These Thru-hulls Will Be Serviced

Growth In Thru-hull From Port Isabel

Growth on Depth Sounder

New Water Line Completed

Ken Servicing a Seacock

Al Working on Drip Plates

Seacocks And Thru-hulls Out of Boat

Two New Thru-hulls and Drip Plates Added Here

Getting Ready for the Slings to Go Back Into The Water

Getting the Slings Ready

Bow Before Lifting in the Slings

Stern With Slings Getting Tight

Starboard Side With Slings Getting Tight

Pedro Operating The Travelift

Indio And Pedro Getting Dream Away Off Of The Ground

Dream Away In The Slings

Heading To The Haulout Slip

Getting Closer

New Drip Plates and New Thru-hulls

Dream Away Going Back Into the Water

Getting Her Bottom Wet

New Water Line Above The Water!