Forward Deck Box Installation

The need for more storage on deck was a need that had to be satisfied. I had no place to put the inflatable dinghy during a passage except down below in the main salon. To my way of thinking this was not a solution. I also had 50 feet of BBB chain and 600 feet or 3/4" nylon anchor rode that needed a home. I have my primary and secondary anchors on the bowsprit rollers. I have a third anchor that is a 44# Bruce stored in the aft deck box, but did not have room for the rode. The only solution was to build a deck box on the fore deck. There was room there between the forward hatch and the midcabin hatch. If I made it low enough it would not interfere with the staysail.

I decided to make the box out of fiberglass. I had purchased some Strongwell Extren plate fiberglass for the bulkhead between the garage and the head so I used some of that as the main structure. I had to build a base so that the box would sit on the deck and a lip around the top for the lid to fit over. I made a mold for the lip, and then made several pieces to put on the box sides. The top was made from a mold that I constructed. The top is solid fiberglass with PVC pipe cut in half and then glassed into the top for strength. I wanted the top, or lid, to be strong enough to walk on.

The construction of the box went very well. I had help with advice from friends that worked at Dockside Designs in Seabrook. They had done a lot of fiberglass work so they helped with a lot comments! I basically did all of the work making the molds, laying up the parts, and doing the final gelcoat work. When I installed the box onto the boat, I used 3M 5200 to adhere the box to the deck. After seven days I fiberglassed over the flange to the deck. It was a quick job, and in the future I will have to fill in , smooth out and then put another coat of gelcoat over the area

Box glassed together on side

Box sitting on bottom flange, lip showing

Box with lip on sides and filler before sanding

Lid corner in mold

Fabricated top in mold

Box getting final filler before gelcoat

Top getting final filler before gelcoat

Box and top getting cleanup before gelcoat

Top after gelcoat showing hinge installation

Top after gelcoat waiting install on boat

Installing box on deck looking aft

Installing box on deck side view

Installing box on deck looking forward

Finished box on deck looking forward

Finished box on deck looking aft

Finished box with lid open

Finished Box Lid Open Looking to Starboard

Finished Box Lid Open Looking to Port