Dream Away Update 12-27-2009


We have had a change of plans, boy, that is unusual!!

The impeller on the raw water pump on my generator failed today, and I have no spare. The spares will be in Guatemala in about two weeks. Our friend Paul is bringing them down.

One of my wind generators has failed on the trip from Mexico to Belize. It is not a real problem, as we can still charge the batteries with the main engine, but my options are dwindling.

With no generator, I cannot make water, and that can be a real problem. Kitty with her skin condition needs a lot of water, and not having it available could be an issue.

So we have decided to check out of Belize tomorrow, December 28, and head to the Rio Dulce. We will check into Guatemala on the 30th or 31st of December. From our check-in port, Livingston, we will head up the Rio Dulce and get to our marina. Depending on the timing of check-in and so forth, we may anchor for the night where the Rio Dulce meets the El Golfete, in either Gringo Bay or Texan Bay. If we can make it all the way to our marina, Monkey Bay, we will do it.

This also means the promised update I was working on to be done tomorrow will be delayed for a week or more. I had to spend half of today working on the generator to verify the problem was the raw water pump.

Any way, Life goes on, not a real big deal. Cruising are plans made in jello!

Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year.



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