Dream Away Update 12-21-2009, via Iridium Phone


We’re OK !

I’m sorry we’ve been so out of touch … and actually, we are still without Internet access. However, I am writing this in anticipation of being in Placencia Harbor, Belize, on Tuesday, (12/22), and hoping that we can at least get to an Internet café to send it … if not actually having WiFi out to the boat (WiFi doubtful, but one can always hope).

Jim sent out a quickie email just before we left Isla Mujeres, Mexico, on the 12th, and we fully expected to be in Placencia long before now. However, fate had lovely other plans for us, so we are not complaining. Now, if only we do not end up in a Belizean jail for failing to check into the country shortly after arrival, all will be well.

Our trip towards Belize was supposed to be another cakewalk, so to speak, but yet again the weather forecasting was useless. The trip was lumpy, bumpy, and miserable, though not dangerous. The yawing and pitching of the boat had me pretty seasick most of the time … thank goodness for Stugeron!!! … but we stayed on course and made good time. A boat named e2 motion had asked to sail in company with us. We were privately a bit reluctant, but really couldn’t say no, so both boats set off on Saturday morning. They tried to get into better seas by going more southerly than we, and we ended up losing radio contact with them. We didn’t know if it was because they were too far away, or if they were having trouble with their VHF, which they had mentioned as being faulty in the past. At any rate, we arrived a Middle Long Key in Belize at approximately the appointed hour, and waited for two days for them to arrive … but no such luck. We listened twice daily to the NW Caribbean Net, and were advised to take shelter in preparation for on-coming inclement weather, so we moved the boat to a beautiful little protected atoll called Blue Ground Range. And here we have been for days, and days, and days. And, quite frankly, if we weren’t concerned about our check-in status, we’d love to stay on here through Christmas. It is the quintessential paradisiacal atoll.

We have been searching, via SSB and sat phone, for days for the other boat … contacting the marina from which both boats left, the Mexican Navy, the Belizean authorities, etc. The good news is that, after six days overdue, e2 motion has been reported as safely anchored in San Pedro, Belize. We can now breath a huge sigh of relief.

We are waiting for a day or two to let the winds and seas settle down around here, then off to Placencia. In the meantime, we have made delightful new friends … Kenny Gibbs, Alex and his sweet wife, Rosa, Norris, and children here in Blue Ground Range. Kenny came by with lobsters for us day 1, and has been a friendly and constant visitor ever since … even bringing us hot, homemade tortillas for breakfast (and more lobsters), this morning. He’s a very enterprising young man, and I hope for good things for them all in the future. We look forward to spending time with them again, when we come back through here in the spring.

So that is where we are, and what we have been doing … not much … a few boat projects, lots of reading, and, as you can imagine, some very good eating. The only downside is that there is no more white wine to accompany the outstanding fresh seafood (Porgy fillets, anyone?).

We will download emails, generate responses, and try to get caught up this week. In the meantime, please know that we love you, and miss you, and wish you every happiness for this lovely holiday season, and, as they say in Mexico … “Prospero Ano Nuevo” !!!

Happy Holidays !!!



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