DREAM AWAY Update 12-15-2012


This will be a rather short update. I have finished the J.W. Boodee entry. I completed the written information, and have added the pictures.

As I was looking around for the pictures I will use in the cap rail replacement entry, I found some additional pictures that should have been in the Georgetown To Delcambre Passage Made update. Instead of trying to integrate the pictures into what was already there, I just added them all to the bottom of that section. Hope you enjoy them.

I am still working on the cap rail replacement section. p There is a lot to do there. Hopefully, I will get it done just after the first of the new year.

I am still working for Y&S Marine, but our boat SEA SEARCHER still does not have a contract. My last 14-day hitch, I only went out one day, and that was on another Y&S Marine vessel. Now I am off, and my seven days off have been extended to 14 days off. Who knows what that means?

Kitty and I are just enjoying the time together. The weather here is not that bad, and the season leads one to consume loads of the good food available here in southern Louisiana.

As usual, please enjoy the new input to the web page. Please, if you see any problems or errors, let me know. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season.



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