Dream Away Update 12-11-2009


This one will be short and sweet. I have not updated the web page with any news of our stay in Isla Mujeres. I hope to get that done while in Belize or if not while we are on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

We are finally leaving Isla Mujeres tomorrow morning the 12th of December. Not that we do not love this place, it is great. Mid to High 80's during the day, low 70's or high 60's at night, and almost always a breeze.

The main reason we have stayed here is long is I came down with Dengue fever. It happened the week of Thanksgiving. I was down with it about 10 days. I know why it is also called break bone fever. The pain in my neck, shoulders, back, hips and knees was very bad. No sleep, no rest. When the pain finally went away, I was worn out, and pretty much took a couple of days to catch up. Then I really started to get into this retirement thing!!

I have read four books in the last couple of weeks, and I have been doing projects, but at a very slow pace.

We have been waiting for a weather window, and it looks like we will have one starting tomorrow. We will be leaving the marina in time to get to the Pemex fuel dock by 0700. We will fuel up the boat and head south.

We are planning to head out south east, then turn south west around Cozumel, coming into Belize just south of Belize City. We will get behind the reef and anchor for a day to rest up, then down to Placencia to check in. We will probably spend at least a week in Belize, but probably more.

Will let you know if we make any major moves. I hope to spend time getting the web page updated with more news and pictures.

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