Dream Away Update 10-Dec-2005


Katherine (Kitty) is still fighting a lingering cold ... and she kissed me and turned me into a frog-gy throated, cold fighting compatriot. Hence, she requested that we again delay our departure. Given the apparent weather, and the necessity of clearing out just the day before leaving, we are now postponed until Tuesday, the 13th. We'd rather be on our way, of course, but all things considered, Katherine (Kitty) is more comfortable with this decision. Katherine feels we should both be 100% before taking on four days of little sleep.

Leaving Isla Mujeres on the 13th, should put us into Livingston, Guatemala, around the 18th of December. We are planning a day or two anchored near Livingston to recover from the trip, and then make our way up the Rio to Tortugal Marina. There we will have some Internet access, so then you will hear from us. I will send out an update again.




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