Dream Away Update 6-Dec-2005


I finally got a fairly substantial update done to the WEB page. There have been changes made to the "About Dream Away" page. There are changes made to the "Construction and Projects" page. These changes were just put in, but the actual labor took place in 2004. Now, they are now in there. There are changes made to the "Passages Planned" page and the "Passages Made" page. On the "Passages Made" page, I have the trip from the Keys to Isla Mujeres updated, and have entered the passage from Bradenton, Florida, to Marathon, Florida, that was made in January of 2005. On the "Captain's Update and Log" page I incorporated the updates that I sent out earlier via email. We hope that you enjoy the latest updates.

Our current status is that we plan to be leaving Isla Mujeres, Mexico, on the eighth of December and head south to Livingston, Guatemala. It looks as if a weather window is presenting itself that should make for a good sail all of the way down. Our current plan is modified a bit from the entry on the "Passages Planned". We plan to leave Isla Mujeres and head southeast for about 35 miles, and then head south. We are not going to go as far east as Roatan. The planned route has us sailing about 450 nautical miles (NM) before we get into Livingston.

Once we arrive in Livingston, we will anchor there for one or two nights, then head up the Rio Dulce to the marina where we are planning on staying. This marina, Tortugal, is a marina and a resort. So if you want to come visit, let us know and come on down!! We will be out of email range for up to a week while under sail. As soon as we get into Tortugal and get settled, we will send out an update email.

We sent an email to some folks asking if they wanted to crew on this leg, but did not get any positive responses. So this passage will be something new for Kitty and me. We will be making this passage with just the two of us as crew. We are looking forward to the passage and it should be a good trip.



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