DREAM AWAY Update 12-02-2015


I'm finally getting a DREAM AWAY update out. It has been a struggle, and I have not been happy that it has taken so long to get it done. Since September I have not used Google to assist with my Maintenance Log. Their software just became too cumbersome, so I went back to creating my Maintenance Logs using the "vi" editor.

Since I am updating the Maintenance Logs as I go along and hopefully on a daily basis, you should be able to follow along, if you so desire. Right now I have the September Maintenance Log completed up to the 16th of the month. I hope to finish that Maintenance Log during December as I keep the December Maintenance Log, updated during this month.

The good news is I have the October Maintenance Log and the November Maintenance Log completed and ready to view and comment on.

We had a great Thanksgiving here on the Rio which you can read about in the November Maintenance Log. We are looking forward to a great holiday season, and I am being the Santa Claus again this year for the Casa Guatemala orphanage.

We really hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to a wonderful holiday season, that includes a safe and happy New Year.

As always, I ask if you find any issues or errors with the web pages, please let me know via email, and they will be corrected.



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