DREAM AWAY Update 11-30-2013


Another good month aboard DREAM AWAY. You can check out what we have been doing to DREAM AWAY in the November Maintenance Log.

I actually managed to get another project documented and uploaded to the web page. I completed the Aluminum Hatch Replacement section in the Construction & Projects web page. With any luck I will get some more updates done to the web page before the year is out!

On November 9th we had the Delcambre Seafood And Farmers Market, which Kitty and I both volunteer to help as we can. This was the first official use of the shower trailer we had brought to Delcambre last month. On November 8th I had brought the shower trailer over to the Delcambre Shrimp Festival grounds, and got it set up. It was decided to put the steps up on the trailer for the night, and put them down in the morning.

I was up and at em’ at 0445 on the morning of the 9th, and at the Delcambre Shrimp Festival grounds at 0515. I put the steps down and the railings on the shower trailer. I connected the electricity to the shower trailer, and verified lights and operation. I also double checked we had plenty of toilet paper and paper towels in each rest room.

Then I became a traffic monitor at one of the entrance gates to help the vendors get into the grounds, and find their correct spot to set up for the market. I finished that at 0750.

I picked Kitty up at the marina parking lot, and we drove to the American Legion in Abbeville. The American Legion was putting on a “typical military” breakfast for veterans and their spouses. The breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, SOS, bacon, biscuits and coffee. Can’t get much more military!

It was a great breakfast, and brought back some good and bad memories. The mayor and one city councilman from the city of Abbeville was there and each gave a short speech. There were two World War II veterans there.

We left the American Legion hall, and ran an errand to get some project parts, then it was back to the Delcambre Seafood And Farmers Market. We manned the front registration both off and on for the remainder of the market.

Sunday November 10th was the 238th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. I celebrated by watching Heartbreak Ridge, and then Kitty and I drank a toast to all Marines past and present, and to those Marines who gave their all.

On the afternoon of the 11th, we attended a Marine Corps League function. It was a small parade organized by the American Legion in Abbeville. In conjunction with the parade there was a flag changing ceremony at the war memorial in Abbeville.

There was a nice service at the war memorial, and all of the service flags were changed. I assisted with the changing of the Marine Corps flag.

After the service we had complimentary refreshments at the Magdalen Place. Kitty and I then went to Chili’s for dinner as they were offering complimentary meals for all veterans.

We had some cruisers come into the marina for a couple of days. They are Tammy and Bruce off of the yacht DOS LIBRAS. When new cruisers come into the marina, it is a social whirl, and a lot fun showing them the local sights, and culinary delights. Our activities are covered in the November Maintenance Log, starting around November 20th.

The month ended up with our driving trip to Atlanta to see our children, and spend the Thanksgiving holiday with them. I also spent time working in the storage room we have in Atlanta.

We hope all of you had a great month, and a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.



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