DREAM AWAY Update 10-10-2013


Another update from the crew of DREAM AWAY. I have posted the September Maintenance Log which covers my activities and progress made on DREAM AWAY projects.

It has been a fairly quiet month, although we have been taking in some of the activities around the area. Kitty and I and two friends, Joel and Bonnie attended the Lydia Cancer Food Fest in Lydia, Louisiana. We enjoyed the varieties of food, but the real reason for attendance was the display of 50's and 60's cars! A great time was had by all.

This past month we had some cruisers, Warren and Monica, who came to the marina for a couple of days, and ended up staying 12 days. They are a couple from New Zealand, who purchased a boat in Houston, and are doing the Great Loop. They are planning to winter on the West Coast of Florida, and continue their trip in the spring.

We ended up showing Monica and Warren around the area, and got to do some local visiting ourselves. One day we went into New Iberia, and had lunch at the locally famous Victor's Cafeteria. This restaurant is featured in the Dave Robicheaux series of books by Jame Lee Burke. After lunch we walked down Main Street to the Shadows On The Teche house, and took the tour. We were planning to stay and watch the boat parade for the Sugar Cane Festival, but we were all very tired, and went back to Delcambre.

Another day we drove to Morgan City. Warren and Monica wanted to look over the dock there, as this would be their next stop. We had a very good lunch at Cafe JoJo's, that was reasonably priced. We drove around Morgan City a bit to show Warren and Monica the location of laundry and grocery stores, if needed.

We then drove home, but on our way stopped at the Wedell-Williams Aviation and Cypress Sawmill Museum in Patterson. We throughly enjoyed the museum, and when we finished we drove back to Delcambre.

While Warren and Monica were here we went to Shuck's Seafood Restaurant twice! This restaurant, located in Abbeville, is our favorite place to eat seafood, and the bread pudding with white chocolate rum sauce is to die for. Kitty and I will go there to eat seafood for any excuse.

During the month of September, we attended the Farmers Market in Erath. This town is just to the west of Delcambre. We also attended, and worked as volunteers, at the Delcambre Seafood & Farmer's Market.

I have added a new link on the Weather Section of the Links page. It has amazed me that so many teachers have used my Weather Section on the web page to help with their classes. All of the classes and teachers have recommended adding a new link on the Weather Section, and I have always done it. The latest addition is Natural Electricity: Weather Guide to Lightning, brought to you by Deborah and Kim in a classroom in Delaware.

The weather is cooling off a bit, so will be picking the warmer days to do fiberglass work on the hard dodger construction. That is the main project on which I am working at this time, with a lot of little projects mixing in as we go. I do the Maintenance Log as a Google doc, so if anyone wants access to read the progress on a daily basis, let me know via email.

That is about it for this update. We are still planning to continue our cruising, but not really sure when we will finally get away. Of course, if you find any glaring errors on the web page, please let me know.



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