DREAM AWAY Update 10-03-2012


Finally, I have put together the passage from Georgetown, South Carolina to Delcambre, Louisiana. I have to admit, a lot of the detail came from previous updates, but at least there are some pictures to go with this update. As you will notice, there are many pictures of the transmission repair that took place in Georgetown. I got a couple of shots of Noel in his favorite position. I have noticed, whichever boat he is on, he does like to get his head in the bilge.

The really big news with this update is that I am employed again! I have accepted a position with Y & S Marine, Inc. I will captain a 65' Breau boat (crew boat) running out of Berwick, Louisiana. The crew boat will be just down the dock from where I was running the JAMES ROBERT in my previous job. We will be servicing a newly installed drilling rig that is about 25 miles up the Atchafalaya River. I will be working a 14 day on and 7 day off schedule. Not good for spending time with Kitty, and the new kitties, but great for the cruising kitty!! No offshore work for now, but lots of shallow water. I will get an update out about the boat after I have been on the job for a couple of weeks.

As promised, I will be working on updating the water maker page about the new pump and recontruction of the complete system.

I will aslo be getting some more pictures of our two new crew. I did add a new photo for the introductory photo on the Kittens Aboard page. We have taken many photos, so will get some of them on the web page.

Over all, we are doing well. Please stay in touch.



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