Dream Away Update 09-13-2008


This update is being started around 0940. We do not have cell coverage at this time, so I cannot call out, and the broadband card I have to gain access to the Internet also depends on cell service.

I will start out with the good news. We are all OK. It was a wild night. All of the branches and trees that have fallen missed the house in which we are staying. No place in the house has been breeched. We lost power around 0430. We have been running one of the generators so our refrigeration is good, we still have water, and we will have the ability to cook before long.

Virtually all of Houston is with out power, so we will not know when we get power back. It is still raining like crazy, so there will be a possibility of flooding.

Now for the neutral news. We do not know about Dream Away as yet. We have seen pictures of loose boats in the area of our marina, but nothing in our specific marina. We did read a report, that the highest storm surge reported was in Sabine pass, and the level was 13.5 feet. That could be good news for Dream Away. Sabine Pass is about 100 miles east of us. One of our friends has a boat in a different marina than ours, which is further up Clear Lake than our marina. His son drove over to that marina and told his Dad his boat was in great shape, but the dock had about four feet of water over the dock. That also could be good news for Dream Away.

Now for the bad news. I can not see my Suburban because of a tree that has fallen on it. There is a travel trailer right beside my truck that took most of the hit from the tree. As soon as it quits raining, we will go out and see what has really happened to the truck.

I will keep you informed!

1030 NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our friend, Robert Jones, who also lives in Watergate marina, just called. Robert decided not to evacuate, so he has been in the marina area all night. He just called us on the cell phone and told us that Dream Away is still floating, with no apparent damage. There are no sunk boats in our area. Any one who left sails up, does not have them now. Also the water only got up to the hubcaps on our other car, so there is a very good chance it has survived.

That is some very good news. We appear to have a home and vehicles to earn a living.

I will keep you informed.

Sunday Morning 9-14-2008, 0940.

As you can see, I have not been able to send out this email as yet. We have not been able to make any cell calls either.

We have gotten other information that Dream Away is doing fine, and all of the boats on our dock are doing fine and floating. So seven of the sailors here at the house are very happy. We have had TV coverage of the marina where the remainder of the folks here, have their boats, and they are very happy. So it appears we all have our homes.

It finally quit raining yesterday afternoon. We were able to cut away the tree from the Suburban, and the truck is virtually perfect!! A couple of small dents in the roof, and the rain gutter over the drivers side was ripped off. It is a work truck, so I am happy.

We are hoping to go down to our boats today, but it rained close to 6 inches last night, so that plan may be put off.



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