Dream Away Update 12-Sep-2005


I have finally finished the Boy Scout charters for the summer, and we can finally get back into our cruising lifestyle, and start planning the next phase.

Immediately after the end of my last charter, we drove to Miami and then flew to Atlanta to visit our son. We got out of Miami just before the airport was closed due to hurricane Katrina. We enjoyed the visit with family, and had a great time. Upon getting back to Miami, I visited my dermatologist, and she only did four biopsies. Three turned out to need further attention, and I am scheduled to have those surgeries on September 16th.

My father is coming down to visit with us for the last two weeks in September. It will be wonderful to be able to spend the time with him.

That will give us the month of October to get ready for our next planned move. At the beginning of November, we are planning to start our cruise to Central America. We are planning to spend the winter on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala. The first phase of the trip will be to sail from the Florida Keys to Isla Mujeres, in Mexico. We will be spending Thanksgiving in Isla Mujeres. Our children will be flying in for the holiday. After the holiday, we will amble down the Mexican Caribbean coast, the coast of Belize, and then on to Guatemala. We have no plan (guideline) after we get to Guatemala.

If anyone is interested in sailing on Dream Away for the first part of the passage from Key West to Isla Mujeres, please let me know. Of course, it would be a first come first served basis. It should be a nice passage, with wind behind us or on the beam. We will be leaving Key West for Isla Mujeres around the 7th of November, or at least we will leave on the first weather window after the 7th of November.

Along with all of the boat projects, I hope to get a WEB page update or two out before we leave.

Please stay in touch, and watch the WEB page.




WEB page http://www.dreamaway.net