Dream Away Update 09-11-2008


Jim is headed up to the shower after 'toting' cartloads of stuff to the truck. We should be leaving the boat in less than an hour, and we are headed north. Our friends, Deana and Troy, have kindly invited us to stay at their home in Spring, which is through the city. Our plan is to head for there, then take a reading on the hurricane models, and decide if we should go on to Dallas. We also have kind invitations from there. Thank you dear friends :-).

We will send out an update when we are 'settled' somewhere. Please don't worry if you try to call and we are unreachable ... the air waves will be vastly over-loaded. Just rest assured that, as usual, the Captain is taking good care of us. This is an adventure. We are sincerely hoping that Dream Away will survive in good form. She is tied up nicely, and snugged into her slip. We are insured. Off we go!

Love to all, and best wishes ... please keep your fingers crossed for Dream Away.



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