Dream Away Update 09-04-2008


Well, the deed is done! I am retired again. As of 1730 on the 3rd of September I terminated my employment with Baker Energy. My last day on the crew boat was to help the new Captain become familiar with the boat and the routes, and now I am done. The new Captain, who is taking my place on the crew boat Sandy, lives several boats down from me in the same marina. In fact he owns and lives on another Hardin 45'. Kitty's contract at Schlumberger was not extended, but she was able to get another contract, and is now working as a contractor at Exxon/Mobile.

Naturally with this life alternating event, we have changed our plans somewhat. Our daughter Judy was not able to handle working full time and going to graduate school full time. She is doing a graduate program in Special Education, which will include her being able to get a teaching certificate, and then be able to get a full time job so she can support herself. Kitty and I were very uncomfortable with going cruising again, knowing that Judy was not financially independent. We have decided to have Judy quit her present job and go to graduate school full time. We will be supporting her during this endeavor. Because she will not have a full time job to slow her progress, she will be able to accelerate her school program and hopefully graduate quickly, perhaps in one year.

Of course the down side of this plan is that we will not be out cruising for at least a year. The up side of this plan is that I will have a year to work on Dream Away and get her in top shape so we can go cruising again.

So here is our overall plan. I am retired and will start drawing Social Security in October. I am now the official "house husband" and family "social director". I will also be working on Dream Away full time. Kitty will be working for at least a year supporting my efforts on Dream Away and enabling our daughter Judy to finish her graduate program. By this time next year, Dream Away will be ready to go, and Judy should be employed in one of the school systems in the Atlanta area.

I will be keeping you updated with progress on Dream Away. We will also try and get a plan together for the actual cruising. Right now all I can say is, whatever the plan is, it will be slow and easy, and almost for sure we will be heading to the Bahamas and then to the western Caribbean.

Last but not least, I just wanted to say again that Judy is participating in The Breast Cancer 3-Day Marathon. and would appreciate any help you can give to her in the form of donations. The preceding link will explain all of the details. I really want to thank all of you that have donated already. It is very much appreciated by Judy, but it is going to a very good cause.

Please stay in touch, and if you are going to be in the Houston, Texas, area, please get in touch.



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