DREAM AWAY Update 09-03-2015


This update is notification that the August Maintenance/ Cruising log is up on the DREAM AWAY web page. This is in spite of all of the problems that Google gives me in converting Google docs to "html" files that I can put up on the DREAM AWAY web page.

I verified that I could read the August Maintenance/ Cruising log using the SeaMonkey web browser, the Firefox web browser, Google Chrome web browser, and Microsoft's Internet Destroyer browser. There could be a problem with the Safari browser on an iPad, but I am working on that.

The good news is I will not be using Google docs any more. I am going back to the way I used to construct the Maintenance Logs. I will be using the vim text editor.

Please be advised that the August Maintenance/ Cruising log is a long one with over 300 photos, so it may be slow in loading. I am working on that issue also.

As you will read in the August Maintenance/ Cruising log Kitty left for the United States on August 12th, and is still there. She is scheduled to come back on September 13th, but that will change depending on the health of her best friend Kathy.

The only other real piece of news, and it is also covered in the August Maintenance/ Cruising log, is that our daughter has a job with the DeKalb County school system as a Special Education teacher. She is finally working in her field! It looks like all of those education dollars are going to pay off.

As always, if you see or have any problems with the log or update, please contact me via email.

Please have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and eat lots of BBQ and corn on the cob for me! Locally here on the Rio Dulce, they are having a fund raiser, and a chili cook-off on the American Labor Day. I will be attending, and enjoying the great chili. There are several Texans here on the Rio, so the offerings should be good.



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