DREAM AWAY Update 09-02-2013


It has been a long time since I have had an update out, but I have been keeping very busy. You will be able to see just what we have been doing for the last three months by reading the Maintenance Logs for June, July, and August.

I am now partially retired, and still working on the DREAM AWAY projects. About the middle of June our Dockmaster, T-Boy Renard, was scheduled for back surgery. The doctor told him not to lift anything over 10 pounds for the six weeks before the surgery, and for the eight weeks after the back surgery. Because of the restriction, he took a cut in pay, and they offered me the job as a part time Marina Maintenance man! I am working five hours a week doing general maintenance, and taking care of the grass and gardens. Not a big responsibility, but the income is nice.

Kitty is still working her job as the Cruising Marketing Manager for the North Pier Marina. We are seeing many cruising boats come into Delcambre, and a fair amount that have gone east, are returning on their way back west. Kitty is also working with the shrimpers here in Delcambre. This is a real joy for both of us. The shrimp season so far has been an up and down season. It started out so bad in June, the season was shut down for Louisiana waters. The season started up again on August 12th, and has been pretty good so far.

The Shrimp Festival this year was a great success. The weather was perfect, almost no rain, and in fact a bit cool for August in south Louisiana.

We are both working on DREAM AWAY, and planning to depart Delcambre in the future. We are not going to hold to a schedule, as I was trying to. We just decided we are both retired and when we leave, we leave. We are delighted to be "stuck" in Delcambre.

I am in fact a bachelor this week. Kitty is off to Atlanta to visit with Stacy and Judy. She is very happy about that. I am on DREAM AWAY, working away with the projects, and kittie-sitting our two Birman Kittens. I guess for the next update, I had better get some more pictures of Jilly and Jordie on the web page. Another project on the list!!

Hope this update finds you all well and happy.



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