Dream Away Update 08-15-2008


Not a lot of progress to be reported on boat projects in this update, but we do have some significant progress made on two other fronts:

The progress made on boat projects are the Sinking Main Mast and the Aft Deck Box Lid Repair. When you click on the Sinking Main Mast link, scan down to near the bottom of the page to see the latest additions. The progress being made is small, mostly because of the lack of time. Hopefully, that problem will be changing in the next couple of months. Preparation and recovery from tropical storms eats up a lot of time. I am still working for Baker Energy driving the crew boat. On my last "off" week, I got to drive to New Iberia, LA, to attend mandatory training. Of course I get paid for the 8 hours training, but I get to use more of my "off" time to drive there and back. Kitty usually drives over with me, and we have a mini-holiday, but she was not able to go on this trip, because she was trying to get in as much work as possible before her contract at Schlumberger ran out.

It is official, Kitty was notified of her last day at Schlumberger. It will be the 22nd of August. I know she will hate leaving the job, as the people she was working with are great and she loves the work. She will also miss her car pooling mates. She has been car pooling into Schlumberger for the past three months, and the two women she rides with are also sailors. One lives on a boat two boats down from us, and the other has her boat in a marina a mile or so away.

Kitty now must look for another contract. She has several irons in the fire, but nothing for sure yet. When she gets a new contract, it only has to last six months. That should be enough time for me to get Dream Away ready for cruising, and the cruising kitty topped off. We shall see what the future brings!!



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