Dream Away Update 08-15-2011


Wow, this update announces a major change in our plans and our future. I will not go into all of the reasons why, but I am employed again!

This update is being written on board the crewboat JAMES ROBERT, about 40 miles south of the Atchafalaya river entrance to Morgan City, Louisiana. It is Saturday, August 13, 2011. The JAMES ROBERT works out of Berwick, Louisiana, which is across the river from Morgan City, and the boat is owned by Coastal Crewboats in Rockport, Texas. Coastal Crewboats is the company which purchased the boats from Baker Energy, the previous company I worked for when I drove the SANDY in Galveston Bay. When it looked like I would need to go back to work, I sent my resume to Coastal Crewboats, and another company.

Jeff, who now runs Coastal Crewboats Louisiana operations is the same man for whom I worked at Baker, had a need for a captain and had the office call me to see if I was available. The call came in as we were about 15 minutes from Georgetown, SC, returning from our trip to Tampa. The decision had to be made then, so I said yes. I then called Jeff and got the details. Jeff said I was needed as Captain on the 77' crew boat SOUTH FORK for an eight to ten day job, and could I get to Delcambre, Louisiana, on Thursday, and this was Tuesday, the August ninth! I was able to make the flight arrangements, with more than capable help from Tina, and got to the airport in Lafayette, Louisiana, Wednesday afternoon.

Jeff picked me up at the airport, and drove me to Delcambre where the SOUTH FORK was waiting. There was still some work to do to finish up the installation of one of the Detroit 12-71 diesel engines in the SOUTH FORK. This task was finally completed the next day, Thursday, August 11th. We took the SOUTH FORK to Intracoastal City, Louisiana, to start work with the customer. They had nothing for us to do, so we spent the night at the dock. This job was a 7 X 24 hour job, so there were two captains, and two deck hands on board.

The next day, Friday, we picked up some parts, and started out to the customer's platform. This was not to be, we got fired due to some mix up in how we were to get to the customers platform. We waited at a fuel dock in Intracoastal City for about three hours, then took the SOUTH FORK back to Delcambre. We docked the boat at the company dock and dispersed, everyone but me. Jeff needed a captain, on a 65' crew boat, the JAMES ROBERT. He asked me if I could do the fill in on a 14 and 14 schedule. I told him, yes I could do it, and here I am.

Today is my training day and time to get familiar with the boat and procedures. I am feeling very comfortable, so the Captain I am releaving will go home tomorrow. I will be the Captain until the 24th of August. That is crew change day, so I will leave for 14 days while the other captain takes over. At the end of my 14 days off, I will be back on the JAMES ROBERT for 14 more days.

We are not sure how long this opportunity will last, so we are not making any other major changes. For now, Kitty and DREAM AWAY will stay in Georgetown, S.C., and I will fly from Myrtle Beach or Charleston, to Lafayette, Louisiana.



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