DREAM AWAY Update 08-03-2015


This will be a short update to make everyone aware of a problem with Maintenance/Cruising Logs, that has been repaired. Yesterday, after I sent out the August 2nd DREAM AWAY update, I got an email from a friend in Australia, who said he was having a problem reading the July Maintenance/Cruising Log using Microsoft’s Internet Destroyer browser.

I verified that I could read the July Maintenance/Cruising Log using the SeaMonkey web browser, the Firefox web browser, and the Google Chrome web browser.

I brought up my virtual machine running Windows XP. I logged in and started the Internet Destroyer browser, and sure enough it did not work. After the first photo, the browser would go no further. At least now I knew where to start looking for the problem. With a little research, I found the problem and was able to fix it.

I use Google Docs to do my daily log updates, and then download the doc in "html" format. I then take the "html" file and manupilate it to suit my needs for the DREAM AWAY web page. Late last year, Google made some major changes in the way they output the "html" file. I kept up with my changes, and they did not have any effect with any of the browsers. It is my fault that I did not actually check the Internet Destroyer browser.

I checked today and I had to modify the January, May, June, and July Maintenance/Cruising Logs. I have uploaded all of the logs, so now they are readable even with Microsoft's Internet Destroyer.



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