DREAM AWAY Update 06-12-2013


First of all, what I need to say about family matters in 2013 is starting out not really good. In March, we lost an uncle on my mother's side of the family. May was particularly stressful for my father's side of the family. On the 7th, we lost a cousin to brain cancer, on the 20th my sister passed away from kidney cancer, and on the 28th we lost an aunt.

My sister's passing was very quick. I got a call about her being in the hospital on the 14th of May. I flew to Tampa to see her on the 16th, and she passed away during the early morning of the 20th. The aunt who passed away was the original Kitty Kenworthy. When I married my Kitty (Katherine), she thought she would be the only Kitty in the family. Not so. My Dad's brother Fred married a Kitty (Katherine) many years before, so my Kitty was the second in the family.

May has been a busy month with working on DREAM AWAY and taking care of family matters. We drove to Atlanta at the end of May and stayed until the seventh of June so we could visit with our kids. During that time, we also drove to Tampa to attend the memorial service for my sister.

On the web page, I have completed the SCUBA Compressor Rack Fabrication and Installation section of the Construction & Projects page.

I also included information about the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Stacy and I building on the Construction & Projects page.

The May Maintenance Log is up on the DREAM AWAY Maintenance Log page. I have changed the February and March Maintenance Logs so they start at the end of the month and finish at the beginning of the month. I will get the April Maintenance Log done for the next update.

I am still busy working on DREAM AWAY, and Kitty is busy with her job working with the shrimpers here in Delcambre, and welcoming cruising yachts into the North Pier Marina. The work we did at the boat show in March is really paying off. We have probably had ten cruising boats stop by here in the last 30 days!

Hope you enjoy reading about all of our activities in the last month. As usual, I will be keeping busy with the DREAM AWAY projects, and trying to keep the maintenance logs current.

Hope this update finds you all well and happy.



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