Dream Away Update 06-10-2008


I am finally getting an update to the web page done, and here is the update letter to let you all know about it. It was exactly two years ago today that we arrived back into WatergateYachting Center, in Houston. We are moving ahead with our plans and hopefully the first part of the plan will be realized in July. The first part is we will be out of debt. The other parts of the plan will follow. Those are, I will be terminating my employment, and working full time on Dream Away to get her ready for cruising. Kitty will continue working, so we can build up the cruising kitty, and we can pay for the projects on which I will be working.

I performed my first wedding in April. You can see the pictures of that event at Pam and Steve Wedding. I may be performing more weddings in the future. A charter company here on Clear Lake often has weddings on their charter boats, and often need a minister to perform the deed. I will keep you informed.

One additional link is on the web page, until October. This will help with any concerns about our daughter, Judy, being fully recovered from her illness. She will be walking in an event that I will let her tell you about. You can get to that link from here, 3Day, or click on the Breast Cancer Awareness link on our Welcome page.

I have a new web page under the "General Boat & Family Pictures". As I said in my last update, I was going to add a section that covered events and things we do in Houston, and some happenings that take place in our Marina, Watergate Yachting Center. The new section is named Houston and Watergate Yachting Center. In this section, I have some pictures of the crew boat I drive, and some of the platforms were I work. There are some pictures of the aftermath of a hurricane, and a shad kill that occurred at Watergate some time ago.

I have added some more links to the Links to Other Sites section.

I have added three new sections to the Construction and Projects page. I completed the "Hard Bimini" installation page, and started two new pages. Both of these projects are ongoing, and will be updated as progress is made on them. They are the "Sinking Main Mast" project, and the "Mizzen Mast Step" rebuild project.

I hope you enjoy the updates, and I really encourage you to take a good look at Judy's web page, and please donate if you can. Please stay in touch. We should be in Houston for at least another seven months, so if you are in the area, please stop by. Certainly by this time next year we hope to be out cruising again.



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