Dream Away Update 08-Jun-2003


First of all, I am sending this to you as part of a big distribution list. If you do not want to be on this list for the Dream Away updates, please let me know, and I will take you off of the list.

This email is just to let you know that there has been an update to the Dream Away WEB page. It is not 100% current to the state of the boat, but it is getting there. I was on light duty (not working on the boat) for eight days after my third nose surgery, so I used the opportunity to add more to the WEB page and make it more complete than it was.

Our plan is to use the WEB page as our update vehicle, but, in the meantime, emails will have to do.

I am back at full duty now, so work is progressing on the boat. I am presently working at replacing the chain plates, replacing some hatches, and some of the ports. I hope to get the chain plate project on the WEB page within a week. With all of the surgeries (4) and other items, overall work on the boat is not progressing as fast as I would like, but we are still on track for "Thanksgiving in Miami and Christmas in the Bahamas".

After Katherine(Kitty) has her 12 week check up, we should have a good idea of how we will get to Florida. This means whether we will go around the Gulf via the ICW, or sail to south Texas, and then across the Gulf. Time will tell.

If you see any problems with the WEB page, or have any suggestions about its content, please let me know.


Jim and Katherine(Kitty)

WEB: http://www.dreamaway.net