DREAM AWAY Update 06-07-2015


Finally, after almost four months, I have an update ready for DREAM AWAY.

Let me start out with the most important news, and it is truly a good news/bad news situation. Our daughter, Judy, has canceled her wedding. It was scheduled for June 9th. We are happy that she reached this decision before June 9th. We are also saddened that she decided to not marry Aryeh. It was a mutual decision between them, but we are sorry not to have Aryeh as part of our family.

The decision was reached over the Memorial Day weekend. Judy flew out to Seattle to see Aryeh one more time before the wedding, as she was having some jitters. Kitty was already in Atlanta, as she had come to help with wedding preparations, and was here to surprise Judy at her wedding shower. Judy called Kitty early Tuesday morning the 26th of May, and gave her the news about the cancellation.

I continued with my plan to fly to the states from Guatemala, so I could see Judy and Stacy and help with the resulting issues with the wedding cancellation. Kitty and I are now in Atlanta, We are having a small get together on Tuesday the 9th of June, a "Look To The Future" get together. Some of the folks who were coming to the wedding still planned to come, so we are having this gathering.

More to DREAM AWAY issues: I actually have two Maintenance/Cruising Logs completed. I have the both the January 2015 Maintenance/Cruising Log and the May 2015 Maintenance/Cruising Log on line.

My plan, over the next several months, is to complete this month's, and each of the remaining months', Maintenance/Cruising Logs. Hopefully, this will get me all caught up. Last year, when we left Louisiana, I changed the format of the Maintenance Log, which just covered Maintenance on DREAM AWAY, to read 'Maintenance/Cruising Log'. This new format covers most of our daily acttivities as well as maintenance on DREAM AWAY. If I remember to take pictures, the log is even better!

Hope this finds you all well and happy. As usual, if you see any problems or errors with the Maintenance/Cruising Log, please let me know via email from on Contacts page.



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