Dream Away Update 16-May-2004


Finally, I have an update on the WEB page. The format has changed somewhat. The really new parts are an updated About Dream Away and a Construction and Projects link. The section for the Chain Plate Project is new. I am working on the remainder of the links.

I am hoping to get another update done to the page before we leave on our cruise. As of now, the date is June 4th.

Our plan is to leave Galveston June 4th on the Regatta de Amigos. This is a race to Veracruz, Mexico. Kitty and I have wanted to do this race for almost 30 years, but have never been able to get it together.

Our plan is to stay in Veracruz for three weeks and then sail directly to Tampa, Florida. There, we will visit with family and take care of family issues. We plan to go as far north as St. Augustine on the east coast of Florida, and then back to Miami for Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, we will jump over to the Bahamas in time for Christmas.

As of now we do not have any crew for the Veracruz to Tampa leg, so if anyone is interested, please email us.

It is hard to believe that we will be setting sail in about three weeks. We are getting down to the wire now ... and it's a bit overwhelming ... I have a pretty good handle on the projects, it's the sorting, provisioning, and stowing that are now on the forefront. Of course, one way or another it will work out. Sure will be glad to be out there floating at anchor, sipping rum and reading a good book :- )

We are now trying to implement the requirements for keeping our sea-going communications manageable, both volume- and cost-wise. So, do please take us off any distribution lists, but do please definitely still email us on a personal basis. It's just that we will no longer be able to receive jokes, pictures, attachments, etc. without substantial penalty, and I know you wouldn't want that to happen inadvertently.

Please see the WEB page for any new updates.



WEB: http://www.dreamaway.net