DREAM AWAY Update 05-03-2013


Just in case you were wondering what I have been doing the this last month, April, I now have the Maintenance Log on the DREAM AWAY web page. Besides working on DREAM AWAY, we did a lot of volunteer work for the Delcambre Seafood And Farmers Market held on April 20th. It is very rewarding to try and help get this small community back on it's feet after two devastating hurricanes, one in 2005 and another in 2008.

We also had our English friends, Nicola and Noel, visiting for a few days on their return journey from Guatemala to the UK. If you would like to take a look at their sailboat, check out their web page for TANTALUS. Their visit is covered in some detail in the Maintenance Log, just look starting around April 22nd.

Not much else happening. Kitty is still working for the The Port of Delcambre, and really enjoying it. Life is good and we are well.

It is chilly here now. Certainly these cold fronts could stop at any time.



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