DREAM AWAY Update 05-01-2014


April was anoter busy month working on projects on DREAM AWAY. All of which is covered in the April Maintenance Log. It proved out we also had a busy month of social activities and travel.

The month started off with 2014's first Delcambre Seafood and Farmers Market held on April 5th. Kitty and I both work the market as volunteers. I take the shower trailer to the grounds where the market is being held on Friday afternoon. This usually takes two to three hours, as a lot of work is involved. The holding tank in the shower trailer must be emptied before being moved, and then the railings must be removed and the steps put into transport mode.

On early Saturday morning, I am at the grounds, and I put the shower trailer into the use mode. Steps down, railings installed, water tank filled, lights on and it is ready to go. At 0600 I am at the main gate of the grounds directing vendor traffic to their specific stalls. When the market starts at 0800, Kitty arrives, and her and I work the registration booth until the market is over at 1300. Then I have to move the shower trailer from the grounds back to the marina, and reverse the complete process.



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