Dream Away Update 05-Apr-2006


I am happy to report that the admiral (aka Kitty/Katherine) arrived in the Rio last night via the Maya del Oro bus, after a flight from Atlanta into Guatemala City. I am also happy to report that the rat_catcher (aka Puss-N-Boots) was pleased to see the admiral also.

It is really nice to have her back, especially since she felt comfortable enough to leave Judy on her own, with support available in Atlanta via her best friend and her brother. Judy is getting around very well now and is not required to use her cane.

The admiral (aka Kitty/Katherine) also brought some required boat parts that will be installed in the boat today, and tested today. If all checks out, which I am sure that it will, we will be heading to Belize around 0700 tomorrow, the 6th of April. We will motor down the Rio to Livingston and check out of Guatemala. We will then cross the bar on the 1558 high tide. We will then cross the Bahia de Amatique to anchor in the lee of Cabo Tres Puntas. The next day we will check into Belize at Punta Gorda. From there we are planning to gunk hole up the coast to the area of Belize City. The plan is to meet our English friends in the area of Belize City at the Drowned Cays.

While we are in Belize, we hope to be getting to Internet cafes, but it will be spotty. If you send us email know that we may not get it immediately, and that there may be a delay in answering. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong, it just may mean that we couldn't find an Internet cafe. I will be answering emails, it just make take a week or more.

Please do not send pictures or large attachments until we are back in the Rio Dulce as we will be downloading from a satellite and it is both slow and very expensive. We are planning on being back in the Rio Dulce around the first week of May.



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