DREAM AWAY Update 04-01-2013


This is a pretty short update, although the month of March has been a pretty busy one. I am still retired, so that means I am putting in long days working on DREAM AWAY projects. The last month's work is covered in the March Maintenance Log.

On March 5th and 6th, Kitty and I attended the Louisiana Seafood Academy, in Delcambre. It was quite a learning experience about the shrimp Industry in Louisiana. I also attended the Dock Day hands-on seminars held in Delcambre on March 19th. Another very interesting learning day for me.

On March 16, we helped with and attended the first Delcambre Seafood and Farmers Market. It was a great market, and very well attended. We are hoping the next two markets will be even better, because many vegetables will be in season, and for the May market, shrimp will be in season.

On March 21-24 we were at the Southwest International In The Water Boat Show held in League City, Texas. This was the first time that the North Pier Marina, here in Delcambre, was being introduced to the world, so to speak. Kitty, myself, and friends Bonnie and Kittie drove from Delcambre to League City to market North Pier Marina. We also had support from friends Jimmy, Barbara, and Alan, who all live in the Houston area.

For us, Kitty and I, it was a great event as we were able to introduce North Pier Marina as a destination to Texas boaters. It also serves as a stop-over as they are heading east for the winter, and returning back home to Texas. We also got to meet with the many friends we have in the League City area, and that is always wonderful.

Bob Bitchin had his Cruising Outpost Magazine Cruisers Party at the boat show. It was very well attended, and we (North Pier Marina) gave away two welcome baskets and several bags of Vermillion Bay Sweet White Shrimp. When a boater arrives at the North Pier Marina, they are presented with a Welcome Basket that contains lots of information, and also lots of products from local producers. The products include, fresh sausage and Boudin from Shawn's Cajun Meats, Too in Delcambre, Tabasco Products from the McIlhenny Company in Avery Island, and Steen's Syrup, located in Abbeville.

I still have not finished the section on the SCUBA Compressor, but I am making progress! I will have it done for the next update.

I hope this update finds everyone well, and looking forward to spring, which is just around the corner.



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